About Us

There's nothing timid about our chicken... or our meatloaf... or our hand cut hickory grilled sizzling steaks, line caught Ahi tuna or cornbread baked in a skillet and fired up by fresh jalapeno and Serrano peppers. This is full flavored American cuisine, fresh and bold, made by our chefs from scratch every day, and presented by servers who treat you like the valued guest you are. We invite you to join us for lunch, dinner, happy hour or late evening dining, and enjoy the best that America has to offer.


Copper Canyon Grill origins can be traced back to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where is 1999 Redrock Canyon Grill was founded and enjoyed immediate success with its innovative food and friendly service.

In 2004, with the permission of Redrock's founders, BlueRidge Restaurant Group launched their own Redrocks in the Mid-Atlantic region, becoming a sensation known for their flavorsome cuisine and friendly service.

In 2009, the Redrock Canyon Grills in the Mid-Atlantic region began its transition to Copper Canyon Grill, an original restaurant interested in creating innovative American cuisine while providing quallity service and fine dining.


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